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Operations Staff
Pontiac Fire Department is a combination department consisting of a Fire Chief, 3 Captains, 3 Lieutenants, 6 Fire Fighter/Engineers, 3 Paid on Call and 7 Volunteers.

         Fire Chief

                                                Scott Runyon

A Shift     B Shift      C Shift

Captain Andy Hoeniges      Captain Jake Campbell           Captain Todd Gould
    LT Joe Hassinger               LT  Rob Schoon         LT Ryan Hanson
  FF  Jeremy Highland                FF  Mike Jahn                    Eng Andy Vitzthum
FF Dillon 'Eddie' Prendergast FF Caleb Freese  FF Josh Easton

     Paid on Call                   
  SGT Rick Higgins      
  FF Mike Morse
FF Devon Johansen                                                

 FF Jared Johnson
 FF Ryan Wessellhoff
 Prob. FF Michael Meiner
 Prob. FF Joe Nolan
 Prob. FF Josh Lanning
 Prob. FF Jeremy Haas
 Prob. FF James Bohm