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Area                                                        With Pass                              Without Pass
Les Mills Fitness Theater                                  Pricing Information Here

Golf/Hitting Room                                         $3.00 per hour                                    $10.00 per hour
                                                     $10.00 includes $5.00 drop-in fee

                                ALL OF THE FOLLOWING MUST BE PAID AT TIME OF BOOKING

Classrooms                                                $11.00 per hour
 Max 39 people/class                                   $22.00 per hour for both rooms
                                                               Non-Profit with a 501C3 number-No Charge

Senior/Community Room         Non-Profit         $17.00 per hour              With Kitchen    $22.00 per hour
max of 50 people                  For-Profit          $27.00 per hour              With Kitchen    $37.00 per hour

                                NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS MUST HAVE A 501C3 NUMBER

Aerobics Room                                                                               $27.00 per hour
Max 100 people

Gym Courts                                                Half Court                      $30.00 per hour
                                                               Full Court                       $55.00 per hour

Rec-Center                                                $385.00 per hour for the first 2 hours then
                                                               $335.00 per hour for each additional hour.
                                                               If the pool is not needed $65.00 per hour will be
                                                               deducted from the rate.

                                                      Room Reservation Form                                    

                                     All Reservations can be made 2 weeks in advance
                                                      PLEASE CONTACT LORI
                                        Reservations good for designated room only.
                                                       NO ongoing meeting
                            Subject to Availability. Pass or payment needed for rest of facility