A Fire Station Tour

The Pontiac Fire Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Guests are welcomed to our stations by appointments. Fire Station tours may be scheduled by calling the Pontiac Fire Department Administrative Office during regular business hours or by completing the attached form.  The Fire Station may receive an emergency call while the tour is in progress. Responsible adults are required to accompany all tours to monitor children while the fire fighters are gone. 

Regular Business Hours:
M - F from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
815 - 842 - 3225

Please complete the fire station tour request form if interested.

Fire Station Tour Request Form

  1. Fire Station Tours

  2. Please fill out this form to request a fire station tour for your group. The tours are about an hour long and are schedule Tuesdays through Fridays, 9AM - 4PM. We ask that an adult accompany all tours with children. 

    We ask for tours to be scheduled 2 - 3 weeks in advance if possible. 

    Times are dependent on crew availability, and you will be contacted within 2 business days of receiving your request to schedule a specific time for your appointment. 

    If an emergency calls prior to the tour and there is no one at the station, please wait patiently. We will return to the station as soon as the call is completed. If it is not possible to return, we will be happy to reschedule. 

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  4. Preferred Tour Dates

    Tour dates are subject to staff availability. We cannot guarantee that your preferred dates will be available. 

  5. Preferred Timeslots
  6. These time slots are subject to staff availability. We cannot guarantee that your preferred time will be available.

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  10. Acceptance of Liability Waiver

    In consideration of your accepting this form submission, I state and affirm that participation in this program is voluntary.  I understand that the program is not an essential service provided by the City; that certain risks are inherent and that these risks, anticipated and unanticipated, may result in injury or damage to persons and /or property.  I hereby assume all risks in connection with the program; agree to hold the City or anyone acting on behalf of the City harmless and waive any right to make claims or bring lawsuits for any injuries or damage related to the alleged negligence of the City.  This waiver does not apply to any injuries or damage that are a result of willful, wanton or intentional misconduct by the city of anyone acting on behalf of the City.

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