Code Enforcement

The Pontiac Fire Department conducts regularly scheduled fire code inspections within the City of Pontiac for places of assembly, business, education, healthcare, and residential public hallways for means of egress and state smoke detector law..  

In addition to fire code inspections the fire department also enforces the following ordinances:

Code of Ordinances, City of Pontiac, Illinois Section 18 Article III. Fire Regulations

  • Section 18-52  Fire code adopted.

(a) The city adopts the International Fire Code, 2012 Edition, published by the International Code Council, as though fully set forth in this article, a copy of which is on file in the city building and zoning office, subject to the following additions, insertions, deletions and changes:

(1) Section 10.1, Title, is amended by inserting "City of Pontiac, Livingston County, Illinois," for "[Name of Jurisdiction]."

(2) Section 109.4, entitled Violation penalties, is amended by inserting "misdemeanor" for "[Specify Offense]" and "$500.00" for "[Amount]" and deleting "[or by imprisonment not exceeding [Number of Days], or both such fine and imprisonment.]."

(3) Section 111.4, entitled Failure to comply, is amended by inserting "$250.00" for the first "[Amount]" and $500.00" for the second "[Amount]."  

(b) Notwithstanding any terms or provisions of the code adopted in this section or any construction code adopted by the city, automatic sprinkler systems shall in no event be required in any one-or two-family residences constructed in the city.  In the event an automatic sprinkler system is installed in accordance with section P2904 and NFPA 13D.  

  • Section 18-53  Leaf burning.

Leaf burning in the city shall is declared to be a public nuisance and is prohibited.  

Pontiac Fire Department open burning guide: Open Burning Clarification.

  • Section 18-54 False alarms.

It is unlawful to make a false alarm of fire or any false cry for assistance or to turn in a false alarm at any fire alarm box of the city.  

  • Section 18-55 Interfering with fire prevention equipment.

No person shall remove any fire extinguishers or fire apparatus kept in any building or premises form the place of deposit thereof, or use the extinguisher or apparatus for any private purpose other than the extinguishment of fires.  

  • Section 18-56 Damaging fire apparatus; interfering with fire alarm system.

(a) No person shall willfully, maliciously or negligently break, deface, destroy or otherwise injure any fire truck or other fire apparatus belonging to the city or to any fire protection district occupying any city property by agreement with the city, or in any manner interfere with the fire alarm system of the city or such fire protection district or the fire alarm boxes, poles, wires, batteries or any other apparatus belonging to any such system.  

(b) Any person violating this section shall be subject to punishment as provided in section 1-13, and in addition thereto the expenses which may be incurred in repairing the injuries committed shall be added to the penalty and form a part thereof.  

  • Section 18-57. Conduct at fires.

(a) Every person at the scene of a fire shall be obedient to the fire chief or other official in command in the extinguishment of fires and the removal of property.  

(b) If any person shall willfully or negligently hinder or interfere with any city officer or firefighter or the fire department in the performance of his or its duty, at or going to a fire, or if any person shall willfully or negligently drive any vehicle across or along any hose or in any manner cut, destroy or injure any hose, fire engine or other fire apparatus belonging to the city or fire company, he shall be subject to punishment as provided in section 1-13 for every such offense, and shall be liable for all damages done to any such property, to be recovered in the same action as such fine and in addition to the fine.   

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