About Us


Parks. Programs. People.

Mission Statement

To deliver park and recreation experiences that promote healthy lifestyles, enhanced social connections, and fun in our community.

Vision Statement

To be the chief provider of leisure services through the preservation and expansion of facilities, parks, programs, and greenspace for residents to enjoy.

Meet the Staff

Taylor Baxter Director taylor.baxter@pontiac.org Ext. 4401 Bio
Lori Gould Office Manager lori.gould@pontiac.org Ext. 4402 Bio
Shannon Harback Recreation Supervisor shannon.harback@pontiac.org Ext. 4404 Bio
Maryssa McCoy A.I.R. Coordinator maryssa.mccoy@pontiac.org Ext. 4405 Bio
Marvin Miller Custodian N/A

Rec Center Attendants

  • Nancy Cortez
  • Loren Fosdick
  • Hannah Grove
  • Megan Hart
  • Megan Lauritsen
  • Molly Masching
  • Keely Pickett
  • Abby Vietti
  • Jack Vietti

Program Instructors

  • Nancy Cortez
  • Lisa Heberg
  • Megan Hart
  • Megan Lauritsen

Park Maintenance Staff

  • Jim Bednar
  • Carey Jaicomo
  • Jim Legg
  • Tim Scott

Rec Center Maintenance Staff

  • Leroy Curtiss
  • Carey Jaicomo
  • Marvin Miller