About Us



Mission Statement

The Pontiac Parks and Recreation Department is established to create an environment responsive to the needs, desires, and interests of the participants.

Opportunities for leisure activities are secured in a variety of ways by the individual, either through their own initiative or through organized programs and educational sessions.

Vision Statement


Meet the Staff

Taylor Baxter, M.A., CPRP Director taylor.baxter@pontiac.org Bio
Lori Gould Administrative Assistant lori.gould@pontiac.org Bio
Shannon Harback Recreation Supervisor shannon.harback@pontiac.org Bio
Mitchell Fransen Recreation Supervisor / Marketing Manager mitchell.fransen@pontiac.org  
Maryssa McCoy A.I.R. Coordinator maryssa.mccoy@pontiac.org Bio
Marvin Miller Custodian N/A Bio

Rec Center Front Desk Staff

  • Cindi Arnold
  • Nancy Cortez
  • Kim Mehrkens
  • Becky Six
  • Jack Vietti

Program Instructors

  • Nancy Cortez
    • Barre Blast
    • Body Toning for Seniors
    • Cardio Blast
    • Cycling Saturdays
    • SilverSneakers Classic
    • Swiss Ball Body Toning
    • Tone it Up
  • Shannon Harback
    • Arts + Crafts
    • PeeWee Sports
  • Lisa Heberg
    • Evening Cycling
    • Total Body Fitness
    • Water Aerobics

Natatorium Pool Lifeguards

  • Tristin Blair
  • Ashley Branz
  • Alana Christianson
  • Annake Esposito
  • Hannah Grove
  • Lindsey Hunt
  • Sam Mehrkens
  • Mason Monahan
  • Keely Pickett

Park Maintenance Staff

  • Jim Bednar
  • Carey Jaicomo
  • Tim Scott

Rec Center Maintenance Staff

  • Leroy Curtiss
  • Carey Jaicomo
  • Marvin Miller