Operations Staff

Pontiac Fire Department is a combination department consisting of a Fire Chief, 3 Captains, 3 Lieutenants, 6 Fire Fighter/Engineers, 3 Paid on Call and 7 Volunteers.

Fire Chief

Scott Runyon

A Shift

  • Captain Andy Hoeniges
  • LT Joe Hassinger
  • FF Jeremy Highland
  • FF Dillon 'Eddie' Prendergast

B Shift

  • Captain Jake Campbell
  • LT Rob Schoon
  • FF Mike Jahn
  • FF Caleb Freese

C Shift

  • Captain Todd Gould
  • LT Ryan Hanson
  • Eng Andy Vitzthum
  • FF Josh Easton

Paid on Call 

  • SGT Rick Higgins
  • FF Mike Morse
  • FF Devon Johansen


  • FF Jared Johnson
  • FF Ryan Wessellhoff
  • Prob. FF Michael Meiner
  • Prob. FF Joe Nolan
  • Prob. FF Josh Lanning
  • Prob. FF Jeremy Haas
  • Prob. FF James Bohm