Safe Passage Opiate Addiction Program

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Are you addicted to heroin or other opioids? Do you know someone who is?

It is time to get help! Just come to Pontiac PD. It is that simple.

Livingston County Residents

Any Livingston County resident who enters Pontiac PD, Dwight PD, Livingston County Sheriff’s Office or Fairbury PD and asks for help with their addiction to opiates will be placed into appropriate treatment plan.* Because of our priority preferences with our partners, we must limit the program to only Livingston County residents.

The Safe Passage Initiative was created to help heroin and opiate addicts get into recovery. If you need help, or know someone who needs help into recovery from addiction, you just need to come to Pontiac PD and ask for it. We are here to help with the steps towards recovery. There will be some paperwork that needs to be completed and then you may be paired with a volunteer who will help guide you through the process. We have partnered with treatment centers to ensure that our patients receive the care and treatment they deserve - not in days or weeks, but right away and have a path going forward.

You can bring drugs or drug paraphernalia with you to the police department. We will dispose of it for you. You will not be arrested. You will not be charged with a crime. You will not be jailed. You will be directed to the appropriate treatment plan.

If you are from Dwight or Fairbury and can’t get to Pontiac, go to your police department and arrangements will be made to get you to Pontiac.

*Disqualifiers from the program:

  • Outstanding Arrest Warrants;
  • Conviction for selling drugs / trafficking;
  • Danger to others;
  • Under 18 WITHOUT parent or guardian consent;
  • Medical condition that may require hospitalization



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