About the Library


Original Library in 1951

The Pontiac Library Association, the predecessor of the Pontiac Public Library, was founded in 1858. The Association did not have a building, so the small collection of books belonging to this private subscription library was kept on a shelf in the Union Drug Store in downtown Pontiac.

In 1892, the Pontiac City Council approved the creation of a city-funded public library.

Using funds donated for that purpose, a site was selected and construction of a library building began. On May 24, 1894, Pontiac's first public library, located at the corner of Main and Howard Streets, was dedicated. At that time the library had in its total collection about 1,055 volumes.

In 1951, to meet the demand for additional programming and collection space, the original library building was demolished and a new, larger library erected on the same site. The new library opened in 1952 and served until 1995 when the library moved to its present location on Madison Street.

2nd Library in 1952

The Pontiac Public Library currently has over 40,000 items in its collection.

Our mission is to provide educational, informational, cultural, and recreational resources and services to all ages of people in our community. The library will provide access to the universe of information and especially that information which is of immediate relevance and interest to the community we serve. The library seeks to accomplish its mission through prudent management and development of its resources, and by providing access to materials and services to meet the present and future needs of the community. In this effort, the Pontiac Public Library cooperates with other libraries, and with other educational and governmental institutions. The library serves as a learning and educational center for all residents of the community.