Leaf Collection

Collection Process

The City of Pontiac prohibits the burning of leaves and yard waste within the city limits. As a result, the Street Department collects leaves during the spring and fall of each year. Spring collection typically takes place late March through April. Fall collection is conducted between late October and Thanksgiving.

Notice of collection periods will be made on this website as well as via local media outlets.


To facilitate the quick removal of leaf piles, the following guidelines are in place:

  • Leaves must be raked into piles and placed along the curb line or shoulder, not in the street. Leaf piles placed in the roadway causes street flooding during periods of rain. Ideally leaves should be placed in windrows.
  • Please do not place leaves near or around vehicles or other obstacles as the machine is difficult to navigate around these items. The vacuum units may deposit leaf debris on vehicles parked near piles.
  • Piles must be free of limbs, garden waste, garbage, or other material as this will plug the machines.
  • Trucks and equipment are on a constant route rotation during the collection season. Due to the nature of the collection it is difficult to establish exact collection days for residents. It is not necessary to contact the city to arrange for collection.