Swimming Pools & Spas


Swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs have specific regulations, which include location, barrier requirements, setbacks, lot coverage, etc. Permits are also required.

Prior to purchasing or setting up a pool or spa of any size, please check with the Building and Zoning Office to ensure that all regulations are met and the proper permits have been obtained.

Swimming Pool Regulations:

1.Swimming pools shall not be installed beneath or have any edge of the pool within 10’-0” measured horizontally from an overhead electrical wire. All diving boards, diving platforms, and diving towers must maintain a 18’-0” distance, measured horizontally, from all wires. No pool shall be constructed within 5’ of any type of buried wire.  

 2. All swimming pools, that are capable of holding a depth of water greater than 24”, shall be surrounded by a minimum 48” high fence or other barrier, constructed with minimal horizontal members to discourage climbing by children. Openings in the fence shall not allow the passage of a 4” sphere, except that the maximum spacing between the bottom of the fence and the ground shall be 2”.

 3. All gates in fences shall swing outward, shall be self-closing, and shall be self-latching with the latch located on the pool side of the gate. Gates shall be at least 48” high with openings not allowing the passage of a 4” sphere, except that the maximum opening at the bottom of the gate is 2” and shall be constructed with minimal horizontal members to discourage climbing.

 4. If the swimming pool is and above-ground pool at least 48” high, the pool wall may serve as a barrier, but a fence is still required around the access ladder to the pool or provide a removable and/or fold up/ lockable ladder. Swimming pool filter equipment shall not be installed in a location where a child could climb on the equipment to gain access to the swimming pool.

 5.Swimming pools shall not be located closer than 10’from the side or rear property lines. Equipment and circuits to the pool area 120 volt thru 240 volt shall be Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter protected. Wiring that is run out to feed the electricity to the pool pumps, lights, equipment, etc, shall be inspected prior to burial.

 6. When applying for an accessory structure permit for the swimming pool, a site plan shall be submitted showing how far the pool is away from the property lines, overhead electrical wires, buildings, and any other structures on the lot. If a new fence is to be erected, the site plan shall show the fence line, and how far from the property line the pool will be. Swimming pools are defined and permitted as an accessory structure and applications can be found on our website. 

 Please contact our office at 815-844-1038 if you have any questions. 

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View the city’s permit applications. Swimming Pools are considered an accessory and anyone wanting to file for a permit for one should select the Accessory Structure Permit and select "Pool" from the drop down menu.