Zoning Classifications

A-1 (Agricultural District) The A-1 district is established to provide areas in which agriculture and certain related uses are encouraged as the principal use of land. The intent is to facilitate the proper use of lands, presently best suited to agriculture.

ER (Estate Residential District) The ER district is established to encourage the orderly transition of land from agricultural to low density residential use, to provide areas within the City of Pontiac that are well suited to meet the market demands for large lots due to the natural characteristics of the property; where the conservation of land with ample open spaces is desirable or needed.

R-1 (One Family Residential District) The R-1 district is established to provide areas of a higher density.

R-2 (Two Family Residential District) The R-2 district is established to encourage residential development of medium density and to permit the more intensive use of older, larger structures that were designed for single-family use.

R-3 (Townhouse Residence District) The R-3 district is established to provide for a wider range of dwelling accommodations with a higher density of dwelling units than would be permitted in the R-2 district; and to provide for attached dwellings with adequate open space for family living.

R-4 (Multiple Family Residence District) The R-4 district is established to provide areas of higher density when located in proximity to the service areas of the City.

B-1 (Limited Neighborhood Business District) The B-1 district is established to maintain the scale and promote the continuation and establishment of commercial centers which provide goods and services primarily for the convenience of the residents of the surrounding neighborhood. The development standards and range of allowable uses for the B-1 district are designed to maintain a relatively small-scale, pedestrian-oriented environment.

B-2 (Central Business District) The Central Business District is intended to provide for the City's highest intensity core of retail, commercial, financial, and service establishments. This area should function as the primary center of business and civic activity for the entire community; to build upon and strengthen the core retail and municipal function of the city center as the hub for business and civic life.

B-3 (General Business and Wholesale District) The B-3 district is established to provide areas for a wide variety of necessary services, wholesale establishments, and other business uses which offer a wide range of goods and services.

M-1 (Limited Manufacturing District) The M-1 district is established to provide areas for a compatible mixture of office, research, and light industrial/warehouse uses located adjacent to arterial roads, whose operations are of a high performance standard, so that manufacturing districts may be established in proximity to residential and business districts without adversely affecting such areas; to provide regulations to assure adequate landscaped open space between manufacturing uses and the M-1 district boundaries and adjacent residential areas.