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Golf Carts
Rules and Regulations

The intention of the City of Pontiac Golf Cart ordinance is to allow golf cart operation on the City streets for golf carts that have been modified to the equipment specifications of a Low Speed Vehicle as defined by 49 CFR 571.500.  ALL GOLF CARTS MUST BE REGISTERED AT THE PONTIAC POLICE DEPARTMENT.  All operators must have a valid driver's license.  It is ultimately your responsibility to learn those differences and verify compliance with the appropriate statute and ordinance. 


Registration is $35 per year payable to the City of Pontiac

Attached are a number of helpful resources to assist your compliance.  Please, again, understand this is not an all encompassing list of resources as you will see state laws reference federal law and reference NTHSA, ANSI and other codes and specifications.  For your convenience the following are attached:

City of Pontiac Ordinance for Operation of golf cart 2010-O-015

Illinois Operation of Non-Highway Vehicles on streets 625 ILCS 5/11-1426.1

Code of Federal Regulations on low speed vehicles Title 49 CFR 571.500

Code of Federal Regulations on windshields Title 49 CFR 571.205

**** Note:  A golf cart is NOT a neighborhood vehicle.  A neighborhood vehicle IS also a “Low Speed” vehicle defined by Illinois and separate from a FEDERAL Low Speed vehicleA Neighborhood Vehicle has a VIN and requires license plates from the state.


An inspection by the Pontiac Police Department is required and will be useful in determining the proper required equipment but in no manner does it exempt you from your legal obligation to certify that your vehicle meets ALL requirements to include all sub referenced sections of the aforementioned laws.  To make it quite clear, it is YOU that is certifying compliance, not the City of Pontiac.

 Click to view an inspection checklist of required equipment

You are required to obey all traffic regulations and carry insurance proof with you at all time.

Thank you and enjoy your golf cart experience


Major Dan Davis
Patrol Commander